Weekly Science Articles


Weekly Science Articles

Weekly Science Articles are to improve your knowledge, application skills, and communication through writing. Each week you will turn in your hard copy article and a typed or hand written explanation of the article. These articles are to be turned in every week during your second class of the week with Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell will grade the articles and write back to you every week.  There are 3 types of articles and all articles are out of 9 points.


Rubrics for different types of articles


Gear Piece – use an article that can be applied to what we have recently learned in class. This article should link your class notes from to major concepts in the Article.


3 points Applies scientific knowledge and skills learned in class
3 points Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of science text
3 points Determines the central ideas or conclusions of a text with accurate summary and uses prior knowledge.



Debate the Author– this article should have a clear focus with an author presenting factual information. This can be a debate-based article in which you pick a side or it can be an article dissecting the authors reasoning. Lastly you will need to answer…“How does this relate to your world?”


3 points Knows and understands scientific terms, facts, and concepts.
3 points Analyzes the structure an author uses to organize text and understands major concepts
3 points Analyze the author’s purpose, provide explanations and or describe a procedure or discussion in the text.



How it works–  This article should explain a concept, a machine, or a series of theories through the use of a model, graph, diagram, or picture. Use this information and explain why this interests you and…“How does this relate to your world?”


3 points Knows and understands scientific terms, facts and concepts
3 points Compare and contrast this articles to your pre conceived thoughts
3 points Integrate quantitative information into qualitative information.







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