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The Letter

Homework Part 1: “The Letter”

Write a letter to Rahm Emanuel as Garry McCarthy based on the 2013-2014 Bar graph Data. Make a prediction whether homicide or other violent crimes will go down, rise, or stay the same. In this letter you should justify your position with fact-based analysis. In total you should have at least three statistics comparing 2013 Homicide rates with those of 2014.  You should also incorporate one statistic not found in the 2013-2014 Homicide rates discussed in class. (For example statistics by neighborhood, sex, age, victim…) Lastly, the letter should be under 200 words and should reflect your new statistics.


Homework Part2:  “NPR Article”

Podcast Questions. – 5 mins

What is Mayor Rahm Emanuel doing to combat violent crimes in Chicago neighborhoods? (1 sentence)

How many children did Shirley Chambers loose? ( Number #)

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy attributes______________ to the decrease in Chicago homicide’s?  ( 1 sentence)









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