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watch the follwoing video again at home and answer the follwoing questions

1.) do you think beingbetter at math makes you a better problem sovler?

2.) do you think most people opt out of doing difficualt things? and if so why?

  1. quinlan Scott 308
    quinlan Scott 308February 5,13

    1. i do think that people who are good AT MATH are good problem solvers, but i don’t think they are the only good problem solvers. there will all ways be a genius that sucks at math.

    2. i do think that most people opt out, if this wasn’t true than there wouldn’t be the word lazy.

  2. Kyle Lowenthal
    Kyle LowenthalFebruary 5,13

    1.) I think that being better at math does make you a better problem solver. I do think that it makes you better problem solver, but I don’t think it could dramatically change your abilities at problem solving. I think that problem solving can only really be improved through experience.

    2.) I think that people do tend to opt out of difficult things because they are not ready or don’t feel ready for responsibility. Or they may feel that education is not the most important thing in their life and that they don’t really value it, something very similar to what Neil DeGrasse Tyson said.

  3. Justin Negash 308
    Justin Negash 308February 5,13

    1. I think Math does make you a better problem solver because as Neil deGrasse Tyson said in the video, even though you might not need the specific lesson, the wiring in your brain is enhanced and it symbolizes that you know more than you did before. With that being said, you learn to use the logic of your own knowledge and reinforce it to solve problems.

    2. Humans opt out of difficult things because its in their nature. However, its also in their nature to never give up, to survive. These two reasons contradict one another which is why we have motivated people, and lazy people.

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