Fossil Fuel Formation

Renewable Resources

Fossil Fuels – . a natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms.


Bio Mass- the total mass of organisms in a given area or volume.


Succession primary- gradual growth of an ecosystem over a longer period.


Convection- the vertical movement of heat or  liquid within the atmosphere or pot


Succession Secondary- is a process started by an event. forest fire, harvesting, hurricane or anything that reduces an already established ecosystem

Conduction is like a “relay” of thermal energy, occurring when neighboring molecules elastically collide with each other.

Radiation- the transfer of heat in the form of wave energy outwards

Conventional- traditional

Nitrogen cycle- A series of events that happen in our environment that allow us to use Nitrogen.

Organic- Any living matter

Ammonia- A colorless, pungent gas, NH3, extensively used to manufacture fertilizers

Nitrification- the chemical process in which nitrogen is added to something organic.

Nitrate- a chemical compound that contains oxygen and nitrogen

Nitrogen for Humans

1.)    Lightning and bacteria can fix the nitrogen for us to use

2.)    The bacteria from plants change the nitrogen into ammonia and nitrates through photosynthesis

3.)    Humans get the nitrogen from plants and animals we eat

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