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DNA base pair

In your own words explain what is meant by “Complementary Base Pairs”

write 3-4 sentences explaning this concept. Please use the vocaublary if it helps.


RNA- Ribonucleic acid is present in all cells and acts as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA

Transfer RNA – RNA consisting of folded molecules that transport amino acids from the cytoplasm of a cell to a ribosome.

Messenger RNA- genetic information transcribed from DNA as a sequence of bases is transferred to a ribosome.

Ribosome– A minute particle consisting of RNA and associated proteins

Amino Acid- A simple organic compound

Protein- a compound of molecules and a grouping of amino acids

Base Pairs – A pair of complementary bases in a double helix

  1. Joshua DeMichael
    Joshua DeMichaelJanuary 28,13

    Complimentary base pairs means that one base attaches to another. An example is how in the cells T actually means a U. Another is A’s in cells actually mean C.

  2. Makyla Bates
    Makyla BatesJanuary 29,13

    Complementary Base Pairs are for an example A=C and C=A/ T=U and U=T

  3. Windy Kasir
    Windy KasirJanuary 30,13

    Complementary base pairs are bases that complements or work with other bases so it its complete. The bases get their genetic codes like A,C,U,T to pair up with. For example A=C C=A T=U U=T. The process eventually ends up into a protein.

  4. Ameera Khan
    Ameera KhanJanuary 30,13

    Complementary Base Pair are basically a pair of bases in which the identity of one base identifies the partner/other base. For example A turns to C whilst C turns to A. Along with the others like T or U.

  5. Charyzah Esparrago 308
    Charyzah Esparrago 308January 31,13

    Complementary base pairs are the normal arrangement of bases. The normal arrangement where bases are organized in relation to their opposite pair. Like for example; A with C and T with U.

  6. ismet Gradjan 308
    ismet Gradjan 308January 31,13

    Complementary base pairs are pairs that work with each other and help each other. A good example can be peanut butter and jelly. In DNA however it goes along the lines of A=C or T=U.

  7. Taofeeq Rasaki
    Taofeeq RasakiFebruary 1,13

    Complementary Base Pairs are counterparts to each other that help complete the other. Like A makes C complete while it is being made right by C. To make a protein, you need to have two complementary base pairs.

  8. Madeline Molina 308
    Madeline Molina 308February 1,13

    Complementary base pairs are pairs that are basically paired with their opposite. The identity of the other depends on the other part of the pair. So basically it is the reciprocal of the other. For example T is equivalent to U as U is equivalent to T.

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