LI Sculp LP 564b

Lincoln Park Zoo

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Consideration for LPZOO field 3rd field trip


2.) Shows a clear understanding of the project and explicitly states clear achievable data

3.)Student-written overview or project summary include who the group members are as well

4.)1 page length minimum- double spaced times new roman

LP ZOO project

Objective: Students will create a tri-fold board presentation using the data accumulated at the Lincoln Park Zoo




10 points.            Hypothesis/ Question – why were you interested by these animals, what did you want to find out? What did you predict? Why is it important to the species?

10 points             Purpose/Procedure- how did you collect the data?

10 points             Review of Literature- what makes these animals similar and different?  Did you include information about the diet, behavior, adaptations, or habitat? What are some facts about the animal’s people may not know?

10 points             DATA – Are their two forms of data? What does the data suggest? Did you use comparative data? What could be an experimental error in your data?

10 points             Conclusion- what did you learn from this experiment?

15 points             Up to date sketches of project, time line, and debrief with Mr. Russell

15 points             Board is neat and professional, no spelling mistakes, and data is presented in a clear way

20 points             Presentation do all members speak in the group intelligently about the project.


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