Food Web Lab


Thought Questions

1) Which organisms had an overall increase in energy points?


2) Which organisms had the most decrease in total energy points?


3) Why did we have more sunflowers than mice and more mice than snakes?


4) Do you think this was a realistic exercise in how a food chain operates? Why or why not?


5) If you could adjust this game to make it more realistic, how would you change it?


6) Would you change the number of organisms in each category or add any more categories?


7) Would you change the number of energy points each starts with or how many they get for feeding? What else could help?


8) If you wanted to add decomposers to this game, what would you need to do?



  1. Piper Kilman
    Piper KilmanJanuary 29,13

    1) The raccoons and mice both had a large increase in energy points.
    2) The cougar had the biggest decrease in points.
    3) Probably because they are at the bottom of the food chain and they eat first.
    4) Kind of because I think that instead of asking if they could eat, the predators would just eat whatever organism was in front of it if it was unsure, but it is realistic that the animals would “lose energy points” due to eating the wrong foods.
    5) If I could adjust this game I don’t think I would because it is really helpful. If it was adjusted it would probably result in children eating each other. 🙂
    6) I think I would add a few more cougars to see how the numbers then vary.
    7) I don’t think so because it seems realistic that the higher the organisms get on the food chain, the more energy they have.
    8) I would need to lower the energy points of the animals so that more would die and the decomposers would be able to do their jobs.

  2. Suwebat Solebo
    Suwebat SoleboJanuary 30,13

    1.The mice had an increase in points
    2.The Cougar had a decrease in sports
    3.There would have been more flowers in real life and because of photosynthesis and maybe pollination.There are more mice in the world so they are hard to kill.
    4.Kind of because they had lost energy for getting they wrong things but i don’t think a real cougar could have died as fast as Chris had.Also there maybe should have been at least 2 cougars or more different animals to have more insight on the food chain.
    5.I would have had another cougar and maybe 1 or 2 more animals.Also maybe
    6.Maybe add more categories and add an extra Cougar.But i would take away 2 Sunflowers so one could be a Cougar and another a snake
    7.I would change how many energy points they started of with and how many photosynthesis points they got.I would have made it so that if people approached a Cougar and it could eat them that they were eaten when they found out
    8.I would need to add worms

  3. Melissa C.
    Melissa C.January 30,13

    1) Mice. They went from 137 to 146 to 153.
    2) The cougar. They decreased by 24 points then by 20 points.
    3) Sunflowers and mice reproduce quicker so there are more of these types of animals.
    4) Yes because in real life the same things happen. Their energy decreases and increases when animals come across other animals and realize that they may or may not eat them. Their energy level then increases or decreases based on that. And sometimes, they die.
    5) I think this game is quite realistic and I don’t think there is much to improve.
    6) I would add more categories with organisms smaller than plants, such as micro-organisms or mushrooms or fruits and berries.
    7) I would change the amount that mice are ‘worth’ from 4 points to 6 points and change the sunflower’s ‘worth’ from 2 to 1 points for the snake and the sunflower’s ‘worth’ from 8 to 4 points for the cougar.
    8) We could make a new category for the decomposers as they are the ones that eat the leftovers of the dead organism.

  4. Adina David
    Adina DavidJanuary 30,13

    1.The raccoon has an overall increase.
    2.The cougar has the most decrease.
    3.There are more sunflowers than mice and there are more mice than snakes because in our ecosystem sunflowers are more plentiful.
    4.I think this was realistic because animals lose energy while searching for food and fight off predators.
    5.I would add more animals and select different locations.
    6.I would add more categories.
    7. I would change the points they get for feeding.
    8.I would make the decomposer eat sunflowers.

  5. Nurulhuda Farooqui
    Nurulhuda FarooquiJanuary 31,13

    Food Web | Create infographics

  6. Mia Engelmann
    Mia EngelmannJanuary 31,13

    The Food Chain Lab Results | Infographics

  7. Adam Williams
    Adam WilliamsJanuary 31,13

    1. The mice had an overall point increase
    2. The cougar
    3. Mice and flowers reproduce faster than any other of the animals
    4. Yes and no because it was realistic with the animals walking around but unrealistic because the animals would just eat the animals not confront them.
    5. Make another habitat or ecosystem and add different animals
    6. Add another cougar to see which one would survive longest
    7. I would change the feeding points and the starting points
    8. Add fungi or worms of some sort.

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