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Green Halloween

Green Halloween

Each year on October 31st millions of Americans purchase and wear costumes made of plastics and other materials for a one-time single day use. This situation is an incredible consumption of resources and creates a large amount of waste. That is not to mention the enormous amount of fossil fuels that are burned in the production and transportation of these products.

What if this large amount of waste was created from other waste???????


  1. In groups of 3-5, use scrap paper to brainstorm ideas for a Green Halloween costume that is to be constructed completely out of reused material. Only one person in the group has to be able to wear the costume. Draw and label a complete sketch of costume. (3 points)
  2. Pick three or more of the materials in your costume to report on. Be able to explain, 1) where this material comes from, 2) what it’s intended or initial use is, and 3) where it will go once it has been used in your costume. (9 points)
  3. Construct a wearable costume and model it on one of your group members in class. (9 points)
  4. Name the costume and develop a presentation of your costume as the best Disney Green Halloween Costume. Include in your presentation any other ideas your group may have on making Halloween a more Eco-Friendly holiday. Ex. biodegradable candy wrappers. (9 points)

Answer the questions:

    1. What would happen to the demand for costumes if more people used costumes like your group created?
    2. What would happen to the demand for resources used in creating new costumes if more people did what you did?
    3. What would happen to the amount of fossils burned on Halloween?
  1. During presentations, vote for the most knowledgeable and creative group costume. Use the following criteria to decide which costume is the best. (30 points are available in total, this part is 5 bonus points)
    1. What will it be made of?
    2. Is it sustainable or will it take away from the environment?
    3. Will it be relatively easy to produce?
    4. Do they have other ideas that will help keep Halloween Green?

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