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Genetics: A Brief Introduction

The Following is a brief Introduction to Genetics by David Murawsky. A short documentary film that explores the history of genetics & genomics and the underlying concepts that provide the foundational knowledge that today’s research is built upon. The film describes the history of genetics, from Gregor Mendel, to concepts such as DNA and the genetic code. Having introduced the …

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Dog Variety

How Did Dog Become Man’s Best Friend

  The following link to to a Science Friday Podcast discussing “How Dog Became Man’s Best Friend” “Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated, but scientists have long debated precisely how — and when — it happened. With archaeological records and genetic research leading to different hypotheses, are we any closer to understanding how dog became man’s best friend?” …

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Food Web Lab

  Thought Questions 1) Which organisms had an overall increase in energy points?   2) Which organisms had the most decrease in total energy points?   3) Why did we have more sunflowers than mice and more mice than snakes?   4) Do you think this was a realistic exercise in how a food chain operates? Why or why not? …

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BassPrint1 1

Cool Jobs: Crime scene investigators

This is one in a series on careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics made possible by support from the Northrop Grumman Foundation TV shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Bones make forensics look exciting — and in many cases, using science and technology to investigate crime is exciting. Some crime scenes come loaded with clues: fingerprints, bullet holes, blood spots and even a body or …

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Ebola in the air

A deadly virus can spread through the air from pigs to monkeys What do you get when you mix six piglets, four monkeys and the deadly Ebola virus? Bad news, according to a recent experiment by Canadian researchers. The experiment is the first to suggest that the Ebola virus can spread through the air. The study, published in November, detailed …

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Image 55Cancri E

A diamond planet?

Distant, carbon-rich world could contain one-third its weight in gems that are relatively rare on Earth A planet orbiting a distant star is probably unlike any of the hundreds yet discovered. Scientists say that about one-third of this incredibly hot, barren world — larger than Earth — could be made from diamonds. The planet, known as 55 Cancri e, is …

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