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Simpson Science

What is Good Science?

Homework: Simpson’s Lab VOCABULARY Independent Variable or Manipulated Variable: is the variable that is changed in a scientific experiment Dependent variable or Responding Variable: A dependent variable is the variable being tested in a scientific experiment. Constant or Controlling variable: are needed variables to reduce the Experimental Error. Quantitative Data: is data that Deals with numbers, Data which can be …

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Muppet 2

Welcome to the Disney Science Lab

Homework 1.) bring in One Box of Kleenex,1 box of Disinfectant wipes, or 1 roll of paper towel. 2.) Student supply list singed by Parent or Guardians\   Vocabulary Hypothesis– an educated guess or a proposed explanation to scientific question Scientific Method– A method of procedure consisting in observations, measurement, experiment, and testing Observation– means using one or more of your …

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Powerpuff Girls Characters1

GIRL POWER: 2013 ISAT scores show that Disney Girls know their Science!

Disney is proud to report that the 2012-2013 school year produced the highest science scores in school history! Both 4th and 7th grades showed huge gains and 4 out of 10 Disney Students scored in the Exceeds Category. Want more… Our 4th and 7th grade composite scores were 85.6% M or E in 2012 and 89.1% in 2013 (an increase …

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LI Sculp LP 564b

Lincoln Park ZOO

Consideration for LPZOO field 3rd field trip 1.) HYPOTHESIS and QUESTION 2.) Shows a clear understanding of the project and explicitly states clear achievable data 3.)Student-written overview or project summary include who the group members are as well 4.)1 page length minimum- double spaced times new roman LP ZOO project Objective: Students will create a tri-fold board presentation using the …

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Chalk Brain 008

Science Aricles

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