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Wall E

Green Halloween

Green Halloween Each year on October 31st millions of Americans purchase and wear costumes made of plastics and other materials for a one-time single day use. This situation is an incredible consumption of resources and creates a large amount of waste. That is not to mention the enormous amount of fossil fuels that are burned in the production and transportation …

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The Dirtiest Race in History

Worksheet   Other stuff

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Calorie Detective

Should we tax soft drinks? Why or why not? What is the role of our government? Should our government allow us individual freedom or protect us from our own obesity? What are the possible unanticipated side-effects of taxing soda?

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Marshmallow Challenge

Why were the kindergarten grads outperforming the recent grads of business school?

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Hebru Brantley

The Letter

Homework Part 1: “The Letter” Write a letter to Rahm Emanuel as Garry McCarthy based on the 2013-2014 Bar graph Data. Make a prediction whether homicide or other violent crimes will go down, rise, or stay the same. In this letter you should justify your position with fact-based analysis. In total you should have at least three statistics comparing 2013 …

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Taung 2

How did the Taung Child Die? Today, the story of one little thing that has radically changed what we know about humanity’s humble beginnings and the kinds of creatures that were out to get us way back when. Wits University Professor Lee Berger and Dr. Chris Stringer from London’s Natural History Museum explain how a child’s skull, found in an ancient cave, eventually helped answer …

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For the Birds Today, a lady with a bird in her backyard upends our whole sense of what we may have to give up to keep a wild creature wild.When the conservationists showed up at Clarice Gibbs’ door and asked her to take down her bird feeders down for the sake of an endangered bird, she said no. Everybody just figured she …

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Dyson Winner

Dyson and Disney

The James Dyson Foundation’s Design Build Test program inspires children to begin innovative thinking at a young age. Engineers were so impressed with one 6th grade group’s air conditioner cover that they made a prototype of the design.    

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Food Web

Food Pyramid

1) Which organisms had an overall increase in energy points? 2) Which organisms had the most decrease in total energy points? 3) Why did we have more sunflowers than mice and more mice than snakes? 4) Do you think this was a realistic exercise in how a food chain operates? Why or why not? 5) If you could adjust this …

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6th Grade -55 prefixes/suffixes/affixes- roots 1.                  aero- 2.                  agri- 3.                  aqu- 4.                  archaeo- 5.                  auto- 6.                  bacter-; bactr- 7.                  bi- 8.                  bi-; bio- 9.                  de- 10.              deca- 11.              deci- 12.              di-; dipi- 13.              dors- 14.              en-; endo-; ent- eso 15.              epi – 16.              ex- 17.              geo- 18.              gluc-; glyc- 19.              hapl- 20.              herb- 21.              hetero- 22.              homo- 23.              hort- 24.              …

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