1. Andrew Russell
    Andrew RussellJanuary 27,13

    RNA- Ribonucleic acid is present in all cells and acts as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA

    Transfer RNA – RNA consisting of folded molecules that transport amino acids from the cytoplasm of a cell to a ribosome.

    Messenger RNA- genetic information transcribed from DNA as a sequence of bases is transferred to a ribosome.

    Ribosome- A minute particle consisting of RNA and associated proteins

    Amino Acid- A simple organic compound

    Protein- a compound of molecules and a grouping of amino acids

    Base Pairs – A pair of complementary bases in a double helix

  2. Jordan H.
    Jordan H.February 1,13

    Complementary base pairs are things that you would automatically pair with each other. Examples for these pairs would be salt and pepper, grilled cheese and soup, and milk and cookies. Complementary base pairs are things that go together, things that complement each other.

  3. Jack 308
    Jack 308February 1,13

    Complementary base pairs are that in your DNA for every T sugar there is a A sugar and for every C sugar there is a G sugar, Vise versa. Also when the DNA splits it grows the opposite sugar. If the sugars are mixed up it could cause genetic disorders.

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